I got into an accident involving my head, which resulted into a concussion. I was rushed to the hospital. I had very bad head pains, neck pains and nausea. My friend, who drove me to the hospital, called Nikki and told her what happened.  She immediately, came to the hospital and started her Reiki session on me. My head and neck pains went away and after a while so did my nausea.  She is a God-send! Thank you sooo much. All of my love...


I was complaining to Nik about how sore my feet have been... Then about 10 minutes later i noticed the pain was gone.  Nik asked "How do you feet feel?"  I said "AWESOME!  They feel like a million bucks!  Was that you that did that?"  Nik just smiled....

Thanks so much Nik!


"Hey you, my knees and lower back feel really good today!   Thank you for all the Reiki."

Lynn (Quantum Touch practitioner)

Text message:

Friend: Does reiki help with bad dreams?

Me: Yes, of course, why?

Friend: I'm debating on trying it. I wanted to tell you today but didn't have a chance - I've been having really really bad dreams,... :/  and with that I'm like twitching in my sleep and sweating and all that. Idk what I should do.

Me: Well, I guarantee you it will work. Why don't you look at this video and see how it works:  Reiki Session as seen by Aura Video camera... ""......

It is not scary.

......(few days later)

Friend: Did you do something on Wednesday night? I had three really good sleeps. I passed out and didn't have any issues!...

Me: (smiling)....Glad to hear it worked!!

"I woke up this morning with clarity. Booked our hotel (well, Inn) and bus tickets for Toronto. Wanted to take action on what was stressing me out. Bit the bullet and got stuff done. Came in under budget too :)"

"I've felt very at peace this weekend. It's been a very long time since I felt that way." 

"I can't believe how much less anxiety I feel. Still!" 


Healing Ottawa Reiki     

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On a monthly basis I have my wisdom teeth growing in for a couple of days. The first couple of days are the worse because I can barely eat from the swelling.

I was working with Nikki and I mentioned how it hurt. She told me that she could fix that.

So I assumed that she would need to physically do something. So I was sitting there on our break trying to eat and "poof" the ache was gone! I looked at Nikki and I asked her if she did anything and she had this big smile on her face. She said she would give it a quick hands- on just to give it a finishing touch.

She did her magic and "poof", no ache, no swelling and it hasn't been back since!!