Craig's Services:

1. Remote Healing - 

Distance healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

45 mins - $80

​2. Healing with Binaural Beats -

Binaural beats are a tone created in the brain when it’s presented with two different frequencies at the same time. The state of your brain directly affects how well you perform activities and process information. If you want to achieve a meditative state, get a better night’s sleep, activate your body’s natural healing processes, or become more focused and productive, you simply need to change the state of your brain. It’s actually pretty easy to safely alter how your brain is functioning. You can naturally shift the speed and intensity of your thoughts by listening to specified tones that induce different brainwave states.

​30 mins - $60

​3. Psychic Readings -

1 hour - $100

​30 mins - $60

​4. Paranormal Investigations -

Work with the Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations team, to conduct paranormal investigations with state of the art equipment. Also, work with a specialized priest, when needed, to perform exorcisms. Contact Healing Ottawa Reiki at 613-204-9092 to request booking.

Prices Vary

​5. House Clearings -

Minimum of 3 hrs roughly, possibly more depending on house. You can have your home cleared so you can feel more at peace. Clearing a home means that any negative energies are eliminated and any spirits that have not crossed into the light are helped on their way. You may feel that you can’t relax or sleep because you feel unsettled in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, condo, house or office. There are some things that may be happening that just don’t feel right. Some common signs that you’d benefit from a House Clearing: You may find your emotional state or thinking changes for no apparent reason when you are in a certain part of your home. You may feel someone is standing near you when there is no one else is around. You may have had actual contact with a spirit – either by feeling the spirit touching you or by you seeing the spirit. You may be hearing footsteps when no one is walking in the house. Your kids may tell you that they see or hear a spirit. You may see objects move on their own or they may suddenly appear or disappear. People in your family may have similar dreams of someone trying to scare them or approach them. Your pets react strangely to something that you can’t see.

3 hours - $300

As the founder of Juniper Tree Holistics, Jackie Raquel brings to her practice over 20 years of essential oil blending experience and a unique insight into the world of oils and healing.  She truly believes in healing the body as a whole and not breaking it down into parts.  

Her training includes, Reiki Level 1 Certification, Akasha Certification and Essential Oils Education and Certification that is approved by both leading bodies for educational standards for Aromatherapists.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree, which speaks to the thoroughness of her research and level of intent she brings to each consultation, workshop or private event you book with her.  

As she is always updating her skills and knowledge to better service her clients, Jackie is currently working through the Essential Oil University to specialize in the chemical analysis and breakdown of essential oils, CO2s and absolutes to better inform her practice.

Highly sensitive Empath and Medium, Craig has had his abilities since he was little.  At first he was analyzing pictures, then as he grew up he was able to predict death, up to 3 month window.  He is able to see health issues. He has been doing readings with accuracy for some time.  He has been involved in investigation the paranormal for years now, working with OPRI, Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations**, dealing with lost spirits, loved ones and demonic cases.  Really, just helping where anyone needed his and the teams help.  That is what Craig likes to do.  He has helped people feel better by connecting them with loved ones.  He also cleanses homes of evil and dark entities.

**As seen on "Paranormal Survivor" (Season 2, Episode 10)

Craig - Psychic Medium / Empathic Healer / Paranormal Investigator

Jackie - Clinical Aromatherapist

Healing Ottawa Reiki     

Jackie's Services:

1. Initial Aromatherapy Consultation -

This is an in-depth service to examine how aromatherapy can help you with your healing journey. After the initial appointment, Jackie Raquel conducts in-depth research and a literature review before blending your customized formula (5ml roller ball or dropper bottle) and creating a journal sheet for your continued journey.

1 hour - $75

2. Aromatherapy One-on-One Workshops

Missed a workshop? Or maybe you just want to learn one-on-one in a private session? Book a session to blend the custom formula of your choice. Previous Workshops: Alternatives ($45)- Hand Sanitizer - “Clean Again” or “Spray Clean” The Positive Self ($35)- “Skin Pure” or “Take it Easy” Well Being ($30) - “Self-Love” or “Restoration”

Prices Vary

3. Aromatherapy Private Event Bookings

Looking for something fun to do with your friends or co-workers? Book an exclusive essential oil event just for your. The event will be held at our location and we supply everything you need for a fun activity. Cost will be based on pp attendance and the type of blends chosen. Minimum 4 people are required for each private booking.

Prices Vary

4. Aromatherapy Mini Consult

Not sure what to do with your essential oils? Hesitant to blend? Bring your oils and/or formulas to this mini-session for personalized help in learning about the properties of the EO oils in your collection.

30 mins - $30

5. Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records are an energetic database. It is a vast array of vibrational information, containing the entire history of our Soul. If you are interested or feeling drawn to the Akashic Records, then make no mistake, there is a reason. Your soul has guided you to the Akashic Records because it is your time to dive deeper into the truth of who you are and to bring more of your divinity into your human vessel.

1.5 hours - $222

6. Akashic Record Coaching

I will help you tune into your higher self to look at a specific issue or situation that you have been struggling to understand. In other words, from your human perspective you cannot see the lesson you are supposed to be learning because your mind or emotions are filled with chaos or negativity. You will also receive an essential oil blend based on the reading.

1 hour - $111

7. Akashic Record Contract and Vow Clearing

As we travel through our lifetimes, we often make contracts (agreements between ourselves and those existing in that time period) or vows (promises to ourselves regarding a certain topic) which, when left unfulfilled, leave us feeling stuck or held back in this life time. This is most often needed when you keep repeating the same mistakes, stuck in the same rut or you just can't get ahead.

45 mins - $75