Blessings of love and light.  As an intuitive, I use my gifts to access all types of mediums to help you grow, heal and raise your vibration. As a lifelong learner, I offer many modalities of healing to help you on your path. 

I provide you access to the transparent tarot, so forget everything you know about the Tarot Card and experience the evolution of this universal truth. Read in layers, images overlap to create new dimensions to your truth. 

I am a Usui Reiki practitioner and use this energy healing to shift energy blocks present in the body which have physical, emotional, spiritual origins. Reiki helps with pain relief, injuries and releasing emotions, aiding the body's return to harmony and balance. The recipient feels a nice sense of warmth and deep relaxation. 

As an Akashic Record Healer I can help you raise your vibration, trust and amplify your intuition. It can also help to clear blocks to prosperity and retrieve soul gifts or heal wounds from this life and beyond. Discover your soul’s purpose and path. 

I offer an exclusive Soul Manifestation Program to help you elevate your life (attract that soul mate, change careers etc) and your business (level up your business success, attract new clients etc).  This program is about harnessing the power and wisdom contained within your Akashic Records to completely transform your life and create a new fulfilling reality.  Available sessions also include the exclusive “Money Chakra©” and “Awaken your true calling©” all which use the power of your akashic records.  

This is not about magical or wishful thinking, but instead it is putting into action proven &  trusted strategies and techniques.   You will take the reality of who you think you are and through your thoughts and actions create a new reality in which you are aligned with your soul.

Finally, as an aromatherapist, I believe in the use of essential oils to help balance and harmonize body, mind and soul.  I use my own brand of oils, Juniper Tree, Which are organic and sourced from Canadian based companies, other female entrepreneurs and/or Indigenous cooperatives. These oils and blends are hand blended so as to safeguard the energetic signature of each product and its healing properties.  

Sacred Passage Astrology  (Contact Christina at 613-618-8699 to book.)

- Starting from $125 and up* for full report

- $66 for 30 min verbal (no report)

​Jackie - Clinical Aromatherapist, Akashic Records Reader, Transparent Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner


Christina - Intuitive Astrologer/Death Doula



2487 Kaladar Avenue, Suite 121,Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 8B9


I have felt drawn to Astrology since childhood. I started every morning by reading my horoscope in the newspaper to see what the day would bring. I borrowed astrology books from loved ones and at the library, looking for clues about my personality and my place in the world. Fast-forward a few years to when I found out about Natal Charts and how the placement of planets and asteroids, as well as the calculations of specific points, provide a wealth of information beyond the simple “What’s your Sign?” I felt the excitement as I began reading my own Natal Chart, then those of my family and friends, finding more and more insight into aspects of our personality, our approach to finances, relationships, learning, habits, healing and spirituality. 

As an Intuitive Astrologer, I have the ability to cast, analyze and interpret a Natal Chart to provide you with understanding of why you came to this world, your gifts, the challenges you may face and how to overcome them.

Healing Ottawa Reiki     

Jackie's Services:

1. Initial Aromatherapy Consultation 

This is an in-depth service to examine how aromatherapy can help you with your healing journey. After the initial appointment, Jackie Raquel conducts in-depth research and a literature review before blending your customized formula (5ml roller ball or dropper bottle) and creating a journal sheet for your continued journey.

1 hour - $75

2. Aromatherapy One-on-One Workshops

Missed a workshop? Or maybe you just want to learn one-on-one in a private session? Book a session to blend the custom formula of your choice. Previous Workshops: Alternatives ($45)- Hand Sanitizer - “Clean Again” or “Spray Clean” The Positive Self ($35)- “Skin Pure” or “Take it Easy” Well Being ($30) - “Self-Love” or “Restoration”

Prices Vary

3. Aromatherapy Private Event Bookings

Looking for something fun to do with your friends or co-workers? Book an exclusive essential oil event just for your. The event will be held at our location and we supply everything you need for a fun activity. Cost will be based on pp attendance and the type of blends chosen. Minimum 4 people are required for each private booking.

Prices Vary

4. Aromatherapy Mini Consult

Not sure what to do with your essential oils? Hesitant to blend? Bring your oils and/or formulas to this mini-session for personalized help in learning about the properties of the EO oils in your collection.

30 mins - $30

5. Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records are an energetic database. It is a vast array of vibrational information, containing the entire history of our Soul. If you are interested or feeling drawn to the Akashic Records, then make no mistake, there is a reason. Your soul has guided you to the Akashic Records because it is your time to dive deeper into the truth of who you are and to bring more of your divinity into your human vessel.

1.5 hours - $222

6. Akashic Record Coaching

I will help you tune into your higher self to look at a specific issue or situation that you have been struggling to understand. In other words, from your human perspective you cannot see the lesson you are supposed to be learning because your mind or emotions are filled with chaos or negativity. You will also receive an essential oil blend based on the reading.

1 hour - $111

7. Akashic Record Contract and Vow Clearing

As we travel through our lifetimes, we often make contracts (agreements between ourselves and those existing in that time period) or vows (promises to ourselves regarding a certain topic) which, when left unfulfilled, leave us feeling stuck or held back in this life time. This is most often needed when you keep repeating the same mistakes, stuck in the same rut or you just can't get ahead.

45 mins - $75

8. Tarot Readings

30 min - $66

​60 min - $111