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Healing Ottawa Reiki     

Daily Reiki self-care provides an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress, and reconnect with an experience of wellness. Reiki practice can bring centering and relief from pain, anxiety, and stress. People suffering from anxiety or pain who learn Reiki self-care have the additional empowerment of knowing they are never again alone and helpless with their suffering. 

Learning Reiki self-care can benefit people who are healthy and those with chronic health conditions, whether it is diabetes, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, fatigue syndromes, depression, or heart disease, to name a few. They can practice Reiki on themselves every day to reduce stress and strengthen wellbeing and repeat the Reiki practice as often as they feel the need. 

When there are financial limitations, the advantages of a one-time investment in learning to practice Reiki self-care, over paying for repeated sessions, are obvious.


Reiki/Energy Healing Circle


Friday, August 28, 2020​​​

Time:  8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Location:  ​Email, text or call for location

Investment: $20 (Drop-In) (bi-monthly event)

The Reiki Circle is open to all. We welcome you to come share an evening of Reiki with us. Learn more about Reiki, share a guided meditation, experience a bonding circle, and practice giving and receiving mini Reiki sessions. Tap into your own healing powers.

Welcome all!!


Phone:  613-204-9092



Reiki / IET Session / Chakra Balancing / Sound Healing / Drum Healing / Beginner Meditation (one-on-one) / Light Language Activation / Lifestyle Coaching                       

All services with Nikoletta                                               $175

Reiki with Jackie Raquel  (initial)                                    $125

                                         (subsequent)                          $100

Kids and Teens (up to 18yrs)                                           $ 50

House Clearings                                                              $300

Wisdom Teachings with Nikoletta                                    $350

​Zyto Health & Wellness Scans                                        $ 66

How do you know which products and options to choose to maintain optimal wellness? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask your body? Now you can. With a ZYTO Bioscan we can pick up the frequencies of your organs and systems, and analyze what is weak/strong and match herbs and supplements to strengthen & nourish them. Common areas that our bio-communication scanning sessions can also help you with include the following: Energy Lifestyle, Gut Health, Detoxification, Relationships, Weight Loss, Environmental Factors, Nutrition Performance, Anti-Aging

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