Nikoletta is a certified Reiki Master-Teacher trained in the traditional Usui method. She also uses other forms of healing modalities, such as Chakra Balancing and runs Meditation classes.  She has a Social Work background as well as a Law background. Her Reiki journey started in 2013.  After being diagnosed, in 2008, with cancer, then fibromyalgia, then depression and having suffered for years through chemotherapy and radiation, a yoga instructor/friend invited her to try out a Reiki session.  She was a bit skeptical, but kept an open mind.  After the treatment, her pain “seemed” to be gone and so she figured it just happened to be one of the “better” days, but after a few more treatments it had definitely stayed that way...gone!

During one of her treatments, she discovered that her intuitive side, which lay dormant for years, wanted to flourish. This is where she started her journey and through Intuitive Development workshops started to develop/fine tune her skills.  Through this journey, she had an opportunity present itself to her to become a Reiki practitioner.  Still a little unsure as to what to expect from a practitioner’s point of view, she decided to take the course, she had nothing to lose...  After her first attunement, everything seemed to fall into place and made sense.  All her questions had been answered and she was ready to receive!!

Her goal is to help others on their path to live their authentic lives and be their own healers.

She finds it an honor to serve you!

About Nikoletta

Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Lightworker, Clairsentient

Nikoletta Voulgaris

Other healing modalities:

  • Space clearing and house blessing
  • DNA Activation
  • Soul Language/Light Language
  • Channeler
  • Soulstar clearings for life purpose
  • Activating soul relationships
  • Intuitive healer
  • Various release techniques
  • Manifesting your visionboard


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